GAEU Consulting Sp. z o.o.: hailed Polish leader in Horizon 2020 by Fundusze Europejskie magazine


The bimonthly magazine, Fundusze Europejskie [European Funds] has once again published their ranking of the top consulting firms in Poland.

This time the ranking only includes grants that were actually awarded between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2016.

Nearly 60 companies have submitted their applications however, only 44 of them have been listed (some of the questionnaires did not meet formal requirements or were not completed according to instructions and so were not included in the ranking).

The ranking includes a number of categories including the amounts of the grants awarded from the Operational Programmes for 2014-2020, Horizon 2020, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism or from programs managed by the NFEP&WM.

We are pleased to announce that GAEU Consulting has been ranked first place in the "Leader of Horizon 2020" category. During the period covered by the ranking, we have received grants for our customers from the Horizon 2020 programme in the amount of PLN 82.75 million.

What’s more, out of the 44 consultancy companies included in the ranking, only GAEU Consulting's results were taken into account in the Horizon 2020 category since the remaining participants pulled out from this category due to the large gap dividing them from GAEU’s results.

Tomasz WÄ…sik, CEO:
"We are proud of the results of this independent verification of our achieve-ments in the Horizon 2020 programme. For several years we have been pursuing a strategy to support companies that aspire to become the most innovative in Europe.  These results reinforce our belief that it is worth working with the most difficult and most demanding support programmes for SMEs. Horizon 2020 equals huge competition, but also the amount of prestige gained from granted funding is invaluable. The fact that only GAEU has made it to the ranking in this category only shows the level of difficulty of this program and the unique experience that we have developed in our Cracow team".

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the interview with Mr. WÄ…sik which appeared in the Fundusze Europejskie magazine in connection with the published ranking.

About Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is Europe's largest research and innovation funding programme ever. The budget for the period 2014-2020 is an overwhelming EUR 80 billion. The program aims to ensure long-term competitiveness of the European Union’s economy by financing advanced R&D projects geared towards the development and commercialization of innovative products and technologies with European added value.

About the Fundusze Europejskie magazine

Fundusze Europejskie is a nationwide magazine that has existed since 2003. It specializes in the acquisition and settlement of grants awarded by national and European entities, including the European Union. Its targeted readers are consulting firms and experts as well as beneficiaries.
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