Lantmannen Unibake Poland: starts selling bread from its new, largest Polish plant in Nowa Sól


Lantmannen Unibake - Scandinavian bread producer, present in Poland since the early '90s, which launched its largest Polish bakery and the second largest bakery in Europe at the beginning of this year, started selling bread from the new plant. The first hamburger buns were delivered to customers from the HoReCa segment.

Ultimately - by the end of 2019, there will be three production lines in the bakery in Nowa Sól, producing 60,000 tons of bread a year. The main recipients of bread from Nowa Sól will be international, large chains of fast food restaurants selling hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as other customers from the catering market (HoReCa): restaurants, bars, gas stations. About 50% of production will go to the Polish market, the remaining part - to the German market, as well as to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

The current value of the investment in Nowa Sól is EUR 37 million, and its total value until the end of 2019 will amount to EUR 75 million. These expenses include the construction of a production hall with the necessary infrastructure (including cold stores, storage rooms, office and technical buildings), as well as the purchase and installation of machines and necessary equipment. A new bakery - means new jobs. Ultimately, 110 employees will be employed in Nowa Sól. This means an increase in employment of Lantmannen Unibake in Poland by almost 25% (currently the company employs over 450 people in our country).

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