IKEA RETAIL: first IKEA in the city center - soon in Warsaw


In the second half of 2018, IKEA will open a new store in the Blue City shopping center. The third location in Warsaw will differ from the standard IKEA store. The new, smaller format in the city center will be equipped with innovative product presentation solutions that facilitate shopping. In response to current trends and consumer needs, IKEA wants to provide Varsovians with greater access to its offer.

UN research shows that by 2050, about 70% of the world's population, or twice as many people as in 1950, will live in big cities *. The intense lifestyle of the metropolis, the development of new technologies and the ubiquitous digitalization make more and more people reach for modern sales channels, using innovative solutions. Therefore, to meet the needs and expectations of consumers, after full-sized stores on the outskirts of cities, launching sales over the phone and the Internet, creating innovative places to contact customers (such as the IKEA Center for Business), it's time for a new IKEA sales format in the city center.

IKEA in Blue City will be located on two floors of the shopping center (level 0 and +1) and will occupy an area of ​​approximately 4,800 m2. Despite the limited space, customers will be able to get to know the full range of IKEA products and solutions thanks to the use of modern technological tools. They will make it easier for customers to make purchases and inspire them to create creative and functional space. Selected interior accessories will be available on-site, while the remaining products from the range will be available online - either on their own or with the help of employees.

The IKEA Food space will also be separated in a completely new version. It will combine the concept of a cafe and bistro, offering, among others, sandwiches, vegetarian hot dogs and cocktails, as well as traditional Swedish dishes such as iconic meatballs and cinnamon rolls.

* Data from the World Urbanization Prospects report, United Nations 2014.

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