Volvo Polska Sp. z o.o.: awarded the CSR Silver Leaf of the Polityka weekly


Volvo Polska has been awarded the CSR Silver Leaf of the Polityka weekly. The award was granted after a survey on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development in the largest Polish enterprises.

The survey on corporate social responsibility for 2017 was carried out among Polish companies for the seventh time by the POLITYKA weekly together with the consulting company Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum. As in previous editions, the list was based on the guidelines of the international standard of social responsibility ISO 26000 in seven areas: corporate governance, human rights, behavior towards employees, environmental protection, customer care, business integrity and social commitment. The analysis of this year's surveys on enterprises' activities in 2017 made it possible to select 66 companies (out of 115 participating in the survey), which received CSR POLITYKA's Leaflets.

Volvo Polska participates in the survey survey on corporate social responsibility almost from the very beginning of the initiative related to the granting of CRS Politica. This year, for the sixth time, it won the Silver CSR Leaf, confirming that sustainable development in the field of transport solutions, as well as taking care of the environment, the local community and the employees have been invariably very important elements of the company's activity for many years.

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