Ericsson: and TAURON will implement Internet of Things in Wrocław


Services for the needs of a smart city using Internet of Things is the goal of a project initiated in Wrocław by TAURON Polska Energia and global giant in the field of ICT - Ericsson. The implementation of this type of solutions will be the first undertaking in Poland that uses the Internet of Things on the scale of a city of several hundred thousand.

Appropriately selected, modern technological solutions will facilitate safe and effective management of street lighting or quick finding of a parking space. An application showing air quality will be created. Thanks to the measurement of Wroclaw parks, you can check at any time where the air is least polluted and choose the best place for a walk or picnic.

The project will start this year in Wrocław as a pilot program. An important element of the project will also be the application of modern communication technologies and the collection, processing and analysis of large amounts of data from installed sensors and intelligent infrastructure.

Ericsson's solutions implemented in other such initiatives in the world will be used to implement the project - eg in Tilburg in the Netherlands and Dallas in America, where solutions related to traffic management or a system of measurements, assessments and forecasts of the state of the environment were tested.

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