Ericsson: Wrocław is investigating Internet of Things solutions in cooperation with Tauron and Ericsson


The development of services for the needs of a smart city using the Internet of Things is the goal of a project initiated by the city of Wrocław, Tauron and Ericsson. It will be the first such undertaking in Poland implemented for a big city.

Wrocław is running the CityLab project, creating conditions in which entrepreneurs, start-ups or scientists can test copyright and unprecedented solutions in the public space that respond to the needs of residents. Cooperation between Wrocław, Tauron and Ericsson will allow to develop new services that improve the quality of life using modern technologies. They provide useful information to the inhabitants of Wrocław, among others about air quality or the availability of parking spaces. The existing urban, municipal, energy and telecommunications infrastructure will be used, as well as the creation of a new infrastructure for data transmission. Testing solutions within research works will take place in real urban conditions thanks to the use of sensor networks and other devices that will collect and share data.

The project implemented in Wrocław assumes the development of technology in several areas. One of them is to monitor air quality using sensors installed in parks in various parts of the city. The special application planned for this will designate areas where conditions are conducive to spending time outside and will predict changes in air quality several hours in advance.

In addition, a parking management system will be developed - based on the collected data, residents will receive information about the occupancy of parking spaces in the place they are moving to. Appropriately selected technologies will also facilitate effective management of trash bins at bus stops and intersections.

Cooperation with Tauron and Ericsson will also include work on extending the basic function of lighting columns with new features that may be useful for the City and residents. To test new solutions in this area, the lighting infrastructure of Powstańców Śląskich street was selected. It is planned to implement a module for counting vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, as well as adjusting the intensity of light to external conditions.

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