Rokita&Szlęzak Consulting: Newly established company will support Polish enterprises in their effort to expand on foreign markets


Polish companies do not lack international ambitions, however it’s very rarely that those companies have the right strategy and crucial knowledge about foreign markets. Their efforts can be called as “On Trial Expansion”, because they usually allocate insufficient funds and spend too little time preparing for the expansion.

Recruitment of employees with local market experience and knowledge of language for a specific country is still a hurdle in Poland, according to Katharina Arnold Rokita, who together with Marcin SzlÄ™zak started a consulting agency under name “Rokita & SzlÄ™zak Consulting” (R&S Consulting). The company offers comprexensive business solutions from public relations, to supporting Polish enterprises in their expansions on foreign marekts, to advising foreign companies planning on investing in Poland. They believe that there is a need of „Market Entry and Growth” services on the market. It is a common field for Katharina’s consulting company Kaliber Services located in Berlin and for Marcin’s consulting company Find Office located in Warsaw.

Opening an offshore office is expensive and quickly gets out of control. The first step is to build an international team in Poland. In 2019 the clients are only 3 clicks away and not 6000 kilometers like it used to be. Large companies (e.g. Zalando) are closing their international  offices and are centralizing international teams in headquarters, which allow them to regain control and cut the costs. It is important to bear in mind that foreign markets are very competitive and only proactive expansion will be effective. Not many foreign companies wait for Polish companies, so international PR is extremely important.

Marcin Szlęzak says, that for Polish companies the most interesting countries are EU contries like Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, France and Scandinavian countries, which has been confirmed by data regarding export volumes. Legal regulations are reasonable, however these markets are very competitive. Moreover, logistic issues affect prices and product quality.

- Every firm has a diffrent motivation, financial factors, organizational scheme, logistics, however the most important thing remain the same i.e. market factors which include access to new markets, regions or FTAs or trade agreements with other countries. For us it is important to analyze market size, economical development, taxes, legal regulations concering labour law, exchange rates, time zones, trade barriers, implementation, infrastructure, competition, language, local demands, political stability, workforce availability and labour costs, subventions, industrial envoriment, life quality and cultural differences. These factors are quite often forgotten - says Katharina.

- Poland and Polish companies lack good publicty in international press. Competition is very strong and as Poles we are very reluctant to praise our own creations on international arena and we are even less excited about spending any money on promotion. It is a pity because often Polish companies have better balances and compared with others they can offer more attractive terms. There is a need of courage, funding, strategy and promotion - comments Marcin.

R&S Consulting provides comprehensive service which includes market analysis, expansion strategy for foreign marekts, public relations, consultancy in terms of findng an office, help in acquiring funding from EU (H2020) and from private investors.

Katharina and Marcin have advised the largest companies e.g. Seboradin, Infinity, Caixa Bank, Zalando, Hortex, TRW Automotive, Reckit Benckiser, Boehringer Ingelheim, H&M, IKEA etc. as well as government institutions - Government of Belgium, China, Dubai and Poland.

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