Volvo Polska Sp. z o.o.: provided electric-hybrid (plug-in) city buses to GrudziÄ…dz


Volvo Poland has provided seven municipal plug-in hybrid buses (so-called electric hybrids) to GrudziÄ…dz. Volvo also equipped the city with two quick charging stations - on the bus route and seven slow charging stations - in the depot.

Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid buses came to GrudziÄ…dz directly from the Volvo factory in WrocĹ‚aw, where they have been designed and in series production  since 2010. There carry 90 passengers and are equipped, among others, with air conditioning, electronic passenger information system, vehicle location system, video monitoring, USB ports for charging mobile devices, wireless WiFi Internet or a fire detection and suppression system in the engine compartment and the independent heating chamber.

GrudziÄ…dz is another city that has opted for the electrified Volvo city buses. Volvo hybrids run today on regular lines in Kraków, Sosnowiec, InowrocĹ‚aw, Tarnowskie Góry, Jelenia Góra, BiaĹ‚ystok, Krosno, Leszno, KÄ™dzierzyn-KoĹşle and Warsaw. In the near future Volvo's hybrid buses will go to EĹ‚k. In total, Volvo has so far delivered over 2,000 hybrid vehicles from its WrocĹ‚aw factories to public transport operators in over twenty countries.

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