Scania Polska: Sachs Trans International invests in Scania vehicles powered by LNG


10 new generation Scania R410 LNG vehicles were delivered to Sachs Trans International Sp. z o. o. The company is one of the pioneers in the use of liquefied natural gas in long distance transport in Poland.

Scania R410A4X2NA LNG-fueled trucks will be used by the company for transport on the Poland-Germany route.

Scania solutions for sustainable transport

Scania's offer includes the largest range of engines powered by alternative fuels on the market, which allows reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 90%. Scania's gas vehicles are powered by methane. This means that both biogas and natural gas (LNG or CNG) can be used in parallel, and the transition from one fuel to another is easy to do. Both types of gas are also available in compressed or condensed form.

By using natural gas, CO2 emissions are reduced at around 20 percent. The range of a typical lorry tractor powered by LNG on flat terrain is up to 1200 km, and the range of a build-up chassis is up to 1600 km.

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