Oriflame Poland: #OriflameDziekuje action


Nowadays we all live and work in uncertain times. Every day we follow news about how doctors, nurses, rescuers and all medical staff fight for our and our loved ones' health. I also know that their sacrifice is even greater because they lack the most necessary things to work with.

That is why we try to support them with what we have best - this week, to the most needy hospitals in Poland we have sent packages with washing products, soaps, creams for dry hand skin, tender care creams and Wellness products to support our medics from the inside.
We will also send a thank you letter to each hospital.

We want our medics to feel that we all support them with all our heart, which is why we start #OriflameDziękuje campaign. Oriflame employees will create a letters, photos, drawing with warm words of gratitude for our medics. We will attached those greetings (in a shape of collage) to package with products that we will distribute to hospitals. Also Oriflame would like to encourage people - Oriflame Club Members and all our fans - to take part in action via their social media by posting thankful messages with hashtag #OriflameDziekuje to show our gratitude widely.

Below you can find institutions that Orifalme take care of:

* Regional Specialist Hospital Biegański in Lodz
* MSWiA hospital in Warsaw
* Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka
* Infectious Diseases Department in Starachowice
* Infectious Observation Department in Tomaszów Mazowiecki
* National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw at ul. Chocimska
* Specialist Hospital in Chorzów
* Hospital in Koło
* Hospital in SĹ‚upca

The Oriflame Poland Foundation - Spełniamy Marzenia - does not forget about the institutions taking care of women in difficult life situations.
Support packages have also been sent to:

* Single mother and child home in Brwinów
* Homeless Women Shelter at Stawki Street in Warsaw
* Educational Home for Girls in Cyców
* Single Mothers' House in Nieławice

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