Electrolux Poland: 100% recycled vacuum cleaner the hero of the latest Stena Recycling and Electrolux campaign: "Made to be re-made"


Every year, more than 400 million tons of plastic are produced in the world, unfortunately less than 12% of this material is recycled. The international joint campaign of Electrolux and Stena Recycling has just started, in which the protagonist is a vacuum cleaner, entirely made of recycled plastic and reused components. The campaign focuses on consciously designing and building partnerships that foster a circular economy. Circular economy is about protecting the environment and natural resources, as well as creating modern economic models.

Last year, together with Electrolux in Sweden, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of creating a "Made to be re-made" vacuum cleaner - a recyclable product made of 100% recycled plastic and reused components. In the new campaign, we talk about the results of this project, emphasize the importance of cooperation and say loudly that design, production and recycling should be treated as one integrated process, not separate stages.

- "Made to be re-made" is the third campaign in our "Re-made" series. We ran the previous ones together with SKF and Volvo Cars. The main idea of ​​this series is to show how, together with our partners, we create a circular circulation of materials and thus contribute to the development of sustainable business. We also present the development of cooperation with our partners, which may become a role model for other companies - says Aleksandra Surdykowska, PR and Marketing Manager at Stena Recycling.

In a unique collaboration with the Swedish company Electrolux, we have managed to create a vacuum cleaner that is made of 100% recycled plastic from hair dryers, computers and other vacuum cleaners. It is now a prototype that shows that an ambitious vision can be realized and an important step towards a circular economy. The project was initiated during last year's Circular Initiative - an arena for cooperation between companies and academia in Sweden for the circular economy. The "Made to be re-made" campaign is carried out on four Scandinavian markets and in Poland. It will be conducted in both traditional and digital media, it includes short advertising films, interviews, banners and press advertisements, as well as communication in social media..

Link to the advertising film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yt7Yfty6G0
Link to the website: https://www.stenarecycling.pl/campaigns/made-to-be-re-made/

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