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Online breakfast with BALAJCZA
Thursday, 29 October 2020


"Get to know France"


We will spend the next "Online breakfast" in a French atmosphere. We invite you to the meeting "Get to know France". It is addressed not only to croissant and brioche lovers. Getting to know the French through their culinary tastes will also help to better understand their specific mentality. Because cuisine in France is not only the art of gastronomy, it is Art de vie – the art of living.

"You will know a good man by how much he eats", used to say the greatest gourmet of France, Sun King, Louis XIV. But how was he doing, with all his teeth pulled out by court doctors?

You'll also find out:

* At what time one shouldn’t go to a restaurant in France?
* Why are the French the slimmest people in Europe?
* How to cook green peas in English and French style?
* Who do we owe the strawberries to?
* What does a tire tycoon have to do with Michelin stars?
* How does French family law treat women?

And during our QUIZ, you'll learn the savoir vivre concerning the French cheese board.

The French atmosphere will be introduced to you by Kamila RadzyĹ„ska – business coach, specializing in intercultural communication, member of SIETAR Polska, R&D Manager with practice in foreign trade, romanticist, passionate about the Far East, winner of a Knowledge about France Competition organized by radio PR III and France Inter.

The meeting will be held in Polish.
To confirm, please contact us:
Timea Balajcza,
Phone number: +48 601 913 446


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