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The developer company Torus is introducing a solution unique in the country in its buildings. After many months of work of the internal research and development team of Torus and external experts, incl. from the Gdynia-based company VBW Engineering, the system of ventilation units, which are a critical element of office buildings, has been thoroughly redesigned. The implemented modification improves the air quality on tenants' surfaces, limiting the spread of various types of pathogens, such as bacteria or viruses.


 Crises are always a challenge and, in the event of a pandemic, they are also socially severe. Nevertheless, they can stimulate progress in many sectors of the economy, as we are seeing. In the last year, we focused on searching for solutions that would meet modern needs. Of course, it has become a key issue to ensure the health and safety of people working in the office spaces we create. We have succeeded in this art in the field of ventilation systems. The comfort and safety of employees, which have always been important to us, have now been raised to an even higher level. At the same time, the applied solutions did not affect the level of costs incurred by the tenant - says Marcin PiÄ…tkowski, commercialization director at Torus. 


Necessity is the mother of invention


A team of engineers from Torus in cooperation with VBW Engineering experts have created an innovative solution on the market in the field of air handling units, which is already being implemented in the emerging buildings (the second stage of Officyna or Format) and will be part of a new standard in planned investments. It consists in modifying the structure of the control panels and using UV-C lamps (flow UV-C lamps using ultraviolet light are one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria, fungi from the environment or destroying DNA or RNA of any microorganisms), thus eliminating the risk of any pathogens from the exhaust air from the office space to the supply air. This is a novelty on the commercial real estate market.


We have been working on the modification of ventilation systems for a long time. We were looking for solutions to increase the efficiency of air handling units, but also to increase work safety. The most effective solution is rotary heat recovery, but in the classic version it is characterized by some air leakage, which in the case of current threats means that the returning air may contain pathogens. The modification introduced by us consists in the fact that we installed the exhaust fan in the AHU in an unusual way, thanks to which a pressure difference is created that prevents air leakage. In addition, we have installed UV-C lamps in the exhaust part as an additional protection that eliminates viruses and bacteria from the ventilation circuit - says Tomasz Mróz, expert and court expert, supervision inspector of Torus investments.


The solution was developed through a technical dialogue between the investor (Torus), two design offices (authors of the detailed design and the entity providing industry construction supervision) and VBW Engineering (manufacturer of central units) and its suppliers.


The individual elements, components and technologies that we used in our solution are of course known in Poland and in the world, but using them in this form and configuration, in the face of the current threats, is definitely an innovation on the office market. The pandemic is also a great challenge for the sanitary industry. In fact, no one has yet developed 100% of certain technical solutions ensuring fully effective protection against the SARS-COV-2 virus. Thanks to the efforts of many entities and people, we have jointly developed a solution that significantly increases the degree of protection against pathogen transmission in office spaces. The whole thing has the appropriate TÜV Rheinland certificates for air-conditioning units - says Marek Sochacki, Regional Manager of VBW Engineering Sp. z o.o.


Importantly, the change in the structure of the air handling units in combination with the use of UV-C lamps takes place while maintaining the efficiency of heat and moisture recovery at the current level. Therefore, these solutions increase the level of safety in the building, are in line with the ecology, and in addition do not significantly increase the subsequent operating costs (the cost of implementation is symbolic in terms of this type of investment).


The pandemic is lifting standards


In addition to the innovation introduced in the field of air handling units, Torus raises the target standard in all new buildings (including the already existing first stage of OFFICINA). It includes, among others: UV-C lamps disinfecting the air in elevators, changing rooms for cyclists and toilets; installation of a titanium coating in common areas (reception, elevators, tripods, touch surfaces in toilets, panels, door handles, handrails in staircases); non-contact temperature readers at the building reception; non-contact soap, disinfectant and paper dispensers; touchless batteries in public sanitary facilities.


As a team, we have developed new standards. We strongly believe that the market will appreciate our efforts, and the proposed solutions will be widely used - says Marcin PiÄ…tkowski.


The brand obliges


For nearly 20 years of operation on the market, Torus has introduced over 160 thousand. sqm of modern lease space, gaining the reputation of a company that uncompromisingly focuses on the quality of its investments. This is due to the surface standard offered for years, modern technologies used in buildings or certification in the LEED system (Alchemia buildings obtained one of the best points in the country). The sale of buildings is also proof of this - so far Torus has completed 7 sales transactions of its office properties to 6 different investment funds, mainly foreign, for a total amount of nearly EUR 370 million.


The changes to the standard currently being introduced supplement the architectural, construction and technological solutions developed over the years, including energy security based on two independent power lines, as well as UPSs and a high-power power generator; introducing 50 m3 of fresh air per person per hour (the highest value in the Tri-City market, significantly exceeding the standards); the use of very precise filters of the ISO ePM2.5 70% / ISO ePM1 50% class (in the former F7 nomenclature) cleaning the air entering the building from pollutants or the 3-meter height of the office from floor to ceiling (this creates, not only optically, a large and a comfortable work space with more air than most offices on the market).

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