Blaklader Workwear Sp. z o.o.: Blåkläder supports Villazero, a unique carbon-neutral building-project led by solely women!



Blåkläder supports and contributes to the Villazero project, where a building team of solely women constructs a completely carbon-neutral house in Borlänge, Sweden. One of the project's goals is for the house to achieve a net-zero climate impact, which will be realized by using wooden foundations, organic insulation and wooden roofs. And also to show the way for the most climate-smart construction techniques and building materials that will form the basis for future sustainable house construction.

Since 1959, Blåkläder has focused on producing sustainable workwear, and today our environmental and social sustainability work is at the forefront. This, combined with the constant ongoing equality work that has resulted in having one of the industry's most extensive and best range of workwear for women, makes Villazero an obvious project to support and contribute to.

Here you can read more about our sustainability work.

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