ARPI Accounting: Doing business in Poland - A comprehensive guide to establishing your company on the Polish market


The perspective of our CEO

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about starting your business in Poland. A beautiful country with a fast-growing economy, open democratic society, and investor-friendly legal environment. However, a lot has changed since 2020, when we published the first edition of Doing Business in Poland. The Polish tax system has been rearranged almost beyond recognition within a few years, and recently due to the controversial revision of the financial law, commonly referred to as the Polish Deal.

As we can see, the new regulations have already has a significant impact on the profits of companies and home budgets of citizens, but also pose a challenge for entrepreneurs who plan to start their business activity in Poland. Whether you’re planning to open a branch of your company in Poland or start a brand new business, it is essential to be familiar with Poland’s corporate environment, tax system, accounting and employment procedures as well as new regulations, introduced in the Polish Deal. Informing about those changes and pointing the way for foreign entrepreneurs is therefore our priority.

Back in 2001, the owners of ARPI Group found themselves in a similar situation. We have faced many challenges in establishing a new company in Poland. It
was a demanding, nonetheless extremely rewarding experience. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge, especially today, in times of frequent changes
in tax and business law. Everything you need to know about accounting, employment, tax obligations, and legal aspects, is within your reach with Doing Business in Poland. The new, revised version of Doing Business in Poland covers everything that is in force as of April 2022 – and also takes into account the future, officially announced changes. Our guide will also present you with the best way to achieve your business goals and, most importantly, we hope it will support you in the process of establishing yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

Jan Prejsnar

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