Medicover Poland: "How to comprehensively care for the physical, mental and social health of employees?" (e-book)


In which areas of health today do employees need support most? How can it be provided? How has the pandemic affected health? What does this mean for employers and HR departments? Apart from COVID-19, what health risks did 2020 and 2021 bring? What were the most common causes of sick leaves? What are the costs that employee absenteeism generates?

This (and more) can be found out in the e-book: "How to comprehensively take care of the physical, mental and social health of employees?". The content is based on the data from the latest Medicover Report "Work. Health. Economy. 2022 Perspective"*.

We have invited a number of respected specialists, from a variety of fields, to contribute to the e-book and to shed new light on the data from our annual report. This allows the report findings to be viewed from a different, new perspective – and consequently, the knowledge the readers can gain is more complete. The e-book will be a source of valuable information for employers, HR departments, and managers. It will be of interest to everyone who is concerned about every aspect of employee health and wellbeing, as well as about reducing absenteeism, greater engagement at work, and better financial performance of their organisation.

*This year's report is based on 2019-2021 medical data collected in the electronic medical history of more than 470,000 employees under Medicover's medical care.

  • To download the report in Polish version click here
  • Report in the English version available here

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