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ESG Pulse Check survey: Real Estate - how much do office real estate professionals know about sustainability and what best practices are they implementing?

We invite you to participate in the first edition of Colliers & Skanska's survey "ESG Pulse Check: Real Estate", Sandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce is a community partner of. It is a survey of ESG awareness among office real estate professionals, and at the same time an attempt to create a repository of ESG best practices of the companies they work for.

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Adapting to climate change and preventing it from worsening (E), caring for people's lives and health (S), acting ethically and transparently (G) - these are what employees, consumers, local communities, financial institutions, investors and regulators expect from companies. These are also the cornerstones of sustainability, one of the most important trends in the business world today.

Companies around the world are taking steps to transform their operations in line with this trend. The office real estate industry is no different. Are we aware of the environmental impact of the buildings we build, lease and manage? Do we understand how they affect people? Do we follow the principles of fair play in doing our business and expect the same from our co-workers, suppliers and subcontractors?

The purpose of "ESG Pulse Check: Real Estate" survey is to find answers to these and other questions about sustainability in the context of office real estate.

Its results will help to understand:

•    What professionals who create and care for workspaces know about ESG, and
•    What are they doing to reduce the negative impact their industry has on the environment, while maximizing what positively impacts it.

What makes the survey different?

This is the first survey focused on ESG aspects in the CEE region, conducted among office real estate professionals and presenting their perspective.

Who is this survey for?

We invite professionals from the office real estate industry to participate in the survey. If you work:
•    at an office development company,
•    at a flex space operator,
•    at an office real estate consulting firm,
•    at an architectural office design firm,
•    at an office property management company,
•    at a tenant who uses office space,
•    at an investment company that invests in office real estate,

...this survey is aimed at you!

What is the survey about?

•    Knowledge of sustainability among office real estate professionals,
•    Awareness of the impact that office real estate has on the environment,
•    Readiness of organizations offering or using office properties to transform towards environmental and social responsibility and implement the highest ethical standards,
•    ESG activities undertaken and planned by companies that offer or use office properties.

Why take part in the survey?

If you take part in the survey, you will receive:

•    Priority access to a report presenting the results of the survey you helped create,
•    Access to a by-invitation-only webinar that will present the findings of the survey and best practices implemented by professionals in our industry,
•    Information on how much other specialists in your industry know and examples of actions they have taken that can inspire the implementation of specific ESG solutions in your practice.

How does the survey look like?

The survey is conducted in the form of an online survey, which takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey report will be published in November 2023. Your answers will remain completely confidential and will not be linked to your employer or your personal data in any way.

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