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BIC Electric invests in the future by hiring trainees
From 1 January BIC Electric has hired two Polish civil engineers as project engineer-trainees. The two of them have worked in the electrical installation company for years as team leaders and managed teams of electricians on projects around Europe. As project engineers, they now get the chance to take a step backwards in the process and help plan and manage the projects as well as calculate quotes for future projects for BIC Electric.
“In these times of economic recession we have chosen to expand our competences to be able to bid on additional tenders, and so it seemed obvious to draw on the potentials already present in the company. The engineers are skilled people and we see them as a valuable asset for the future”, says Jens-Chr. Møller, Managing Director of BIC Electric.
Apart from the work, the two trainees are taking both Danish and English lessons to be well-prepared for the handling of projects and customers of BIC Electric, which have over time spread to most of Europe.
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