PKO Bank Polski: On Top of International Ranking List


International Service Check, a market research company, has conducted a mystery shopping survey in bank offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Based on interviews in 68 banks (27 Polish), the firm has pointed to the Nordea Group as the best in terms of quality of customer service in all the surveyed countries and ranked Nordea Bank Polska as number one Polish bank.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK reviewed service for corporate, SME and household customers. They evaluated the appearance of the branch offices and sales personnel, the quality of service (greeting and saying good-bye to the customer, the accurate customer needs analysis, presentation of the offering and highlighting its advantages) and the building of customer loyalty. Four audits were conducted in each of the 27 Polish banks surveyed. One audit also concerned mobile banking. Apart from the quality of service in the visited branches, the mystery shoppers evaluated the website and contacted the banks by telephone, e-mail and chatroom.

Overall ranking
The best results among the countries surveyed  (all banks) were achieved by:

1. the Czech Republic – 87.5%
2. Hungary – 83.8%
3. Poland – 80%

The following banks were involved in the Polish leg of the survey: Alior Bank, Bank Pocztowy, BGŻ, BNP Paribas, BOŚ, BPH, BPS, BZ WBK, Citi Handlowy, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche Bank PBC S.A., Eurobank, FM Bank, Getin Noble, Idea Bank, ING, Invest Bank, Kredyt Bank, Meritum, Millennium, Multibank, Nordea Bank,  Pekao SA, PKO BP, Polbank, Raiffeisen Bank, SGB.

The winners in the overall classification in Poland were:

- 94.6% - Nordea Bank Polska (representing the Nordea Group, number 1 in the international poll)
- 88.8% - Credit Agricole (representing the Credit Agricole Group, number 10 in the international poll),
- 88.7% - Multibank Polska (representing the Commerzbank Group, number 12 in the international poll).

Nordea Bank Polska was also ranked as number one bank as regards the service for a customer wishing to save for his pension and as number three in terms of serving corporate customers. The Bank was in the forefront in terms of the appearance of the bank offices among all the European and Polish banks. In the survey concerning the building of customer loyalty, only Nordea Bank and Kredyt Bank received the highest mark - 100%.

The following banks achieved the best results among all those surveyed on the international level:

1. Nordea Group (the branches of Nordea Bank Polska were surveyed) – 94.6%
2. UniCredit Bank Czech Republic a.s.  – 94.5%
3. Societe General Express Bank – 93%

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