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     October 2019
 18 October 09:00 PoznańSPCC Recommends: Meetings in the Garden - Competencies of the Future: Emotional Intelligence
 17 October 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Patronage: HR CAMP
 17 October 09:30 GdańskSPCC Recommends: GDPR in HR, Rodl & Partner, Business Breakfast
 15 October 09:00 WarszawaLegal Morning Meeting with Maruta Wachta
 11 October 12:00 GdyniaSPCC Patronate: Gdynia Maritime Economy Forum 2019, Gdynia
 10 October 15:45 GdańskCompany visit: JYSK NORDIC HQ in Gdańsk with Special Guest - Ambassador of Denmark
 9 October 09:00 KatowiceSPCC Recommends: Impact mobility rEVolution'19
 9 October 10:00 HelsinkiSPCC Recommends: Nordic Business Forum 2019
 3 October 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Recommends: 9. PLGBC Green Building Symposium, 3.10.2019, Warsaw
 1 October 09:30 WarszawaSPCC Recommends: DZP Seminar on construction market in Norway
     September 2019
 26 September 09:00 PoznańTraning: LinkedIn and the changing behaviors of B2B customers
 25 September 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Academy with Trusted Communication
 25 September 09:00 WrocławSPCC Patronage: 5th Jubilee Energy Congress
 24 September 09:30 WarszawaLegal Morning Meeting with DZP
 19 September 09:30 KrakówSPCC Patronage: The BSS Tour - Kraków
 18 September 17:30 WarszawaSPCC 15th Anniversary

The Scandinavian-Polish business community celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the SPCC. The ceremony took place in the Radisson Collection Hotel, Warsaw. We would like to thank all of our guests for the participation in our event and joint celebration of this special occasion. We would like to extend our special thanks to the event patrons: IKEA Retail Poland, MOWI Poland, Nordea Bank and VELUX Poland.

 14 September 19:00 WarszawaFTG Crayfish Party
 13 September 09:00 PoznańSPCC Recommends: Meetings in the Garden - HR Director's Personal Branding
 13 September 18:00 GdańskSPCC After Summer Crayfish Dinner in Gdańsk
 9 September 10:00 GdańskSPCC Patronage: International Maritime Exhibition and Conference – BALTEXPO 2019 in Gdańsk
 6 September 18:00 WarszawaKräftskiva - Swedish Section Crayfish Dinner
 Last Friday we had the opportunity to meet with our colleagues from member companies in Warsaw to celebrate the Scandinavian tradition of Crayfish Parties. Thank you to all participants for the great time spent together and having fun with delicious food and drink. 
 5 September 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Recommends: Enter e-Estonia
 5 September 09:00 WrocławBusiness breakfast with Scandinavian investors in Wrocław
 At the Business Breakfast for Scandinavian Companies, members of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce met with Mr. Jakub Mazur - Vice President of The City of Wroclaw and Ambassadors of Sweden and Denmark - Mr. Stefan Gullgren and Mr. Ole Egberg Mikkelsen. Many interesting questions were raised during the meeting, on matters such as: investment climate or potential challanges for activities of Scandinavian investors in the region.  
 5 September 18:00 SzczecinSPCC After Summer Crayfish Dinner in Szczecin
     August 2019
 21 August 09:30 WarszawaTraning: LinkedIn and the changing behaviors of B2B customers


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