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Swedish Business Club
SPCC National Section

Swedish Business Club (SBC) was established in year 1995 as an association operating for the benefit of Swedish citizens, Swedish companies and Swedish or non-Swedish leaders of the above mentioned companies. Since March 2004 SBC is an integrated National Section of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). SBC operates within the SPCC and runs the events of a clearly Swedish profile — supplementing the SPCC activities.

The Vision Swedish Business Club is:
The Swedish Business Club will be the first choice organization to join for Sweden related business being an authoritative voice for a diverse and fruitful business environment in Poland.

The Mission of Swedish Business Club:
To take active part in supporting Swedish and Polish business relations, promote Swedish culture in Poland and act to develop mutual social activities.

Our Purpose:
The objectives of SBC are promoting the Polish-Swedish economic and business co-operation as well as integrating the management of the companies with Swedish share capital and the companies co-operating with Sweden in order to exchange experiences. SBC also take care of Swedish traditions by arranging several events such as Sankta Lucia, Midsummer, Crayfish parties etc. Another important part are also meetings with personalities in the field of Swedish culture.

Our activities:

  • SBC Annual Meeting
  • National Day of Sweden
  • Midsummer celebration
  • Crayfish party in cooperation with Finnish National Section
  • Nobel Dinner
  • Santa Lucia celebration

SBC Management Board 2018:

  • Artur Swirtun (Magnusson Law Firm), Chairman / Vice Chairman of SPCC
  • Daniel Jastrun (Maruta Wachta Sp.J), Member / SPCC Board Member
  • Alexandra Kazimierski (Hudson Global Polska), Member / SPCC Deputy Board Member
  • Roger Andersson (Vastint Polska), Member
  • Erik Hallgren (Equitin), Member
  • Martin Mellor (Ericsson), Member
  • Agata MaroĹ„ (Cybercom), Member
  • Dag Nilsson (BSJP Group), Member
  • Daniel Larsson (Embassy of Sweden), Representative
  • Erik Friberg (Business Sweden), Representative
  • Andres Lönn (Graphology Solutions) Election Committee
  • Marzena Zahlin (Handelsbanken), Election Committee


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