Campaign #BusinessSupportsBusiness – Connectis_


We know that the current situation has created a new business reality for us all, and companies are experiencing various types of problems related to the organization of work at home, reduction of jobs, overloading senior developers and timeliness of projects.
As part of the #BiznesWspieraBiznes / #BusinessSupportsBusiness campaign, we have several options to choose from:
- 23 Junior Developers available immediately for 1 month for free
- Free courses in Java and Python technologies
- Helpdesk support teams - from 100 to 500 tickets for free
- Classical IT BodyLeasing and C_Managed Services
- Suggesting work for people affected by job cuts on projects


In which area, as an IT outsourcing company, could we support your business?


Write or call:
Maksymilian Meszka
Business Development Expert
+48 535 355 097

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