Kinnarps has selected ideal furniture for the home office so that you can offer it to your employees. Appropriate solutions will help them maintain efficiency and improve comfort and safety during prolonged work at home.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, social distancing has seen manycompanies implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. This has led to millions of employees having to set up office in their own homes. To keep productivity and well-being on top it is important to create a well thought out and ergonomic workspace at home.

Kinnarps’ products meet the challenges of employees lacking the necessary furniture at home and who find themselves spending full days in a chair or by a desk that is not suitable for an all-day office job. This to avoid any strain injuries.

There is selection of furniture to choose from offering functionality and ergonomics to the home office: functional desk chairs series Plus, 5000 and Claro, stable desk from series [E] ONE, sit/stand desks that is easy to raise and lower from series [P] and practical pedestal.

All products are a part of our Express assortment with an estimated delivery time of 2 weeks.

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