New energy-efficient Ruukki Patina panel gives façades a new tone



Ruukki Construction, a leading manufacturer of steel construction components,  launches a new Ruukki® Patina sandwich panel. The panel combines energy savings with a patinated surface to bring a new long-sought look to the façades of buildings. A steel surface of Ruukki Patina panel has been made from Cor-Ten® steel, which is particularly popular among architects.


Air-tight Ruukki Patina panel for external walls allows to save up to 20% in the building’s energy costs, what in turn reduces CO2 emissions and improves the building’s LEED and BREEAM ratings.


Cor-Ten® steel is one of the most ecological choices since it is an uncoated steel. After its useful life, the steel can be fully recycled.


Patina panels are long lived and the brown surface takes on a patina during the course of time, which means the surface repairs itself if, for some reason, small scratches appear on the surface.


The launch of Ruukki Patina sandwich panels is in line with Ruukki’s sustainability strategy aiming to offer sustainable, safe, energy-efficient and durable products for industrial, commercial, office and logistics buildings.


Ruukki Patina panels are made in Ruukki’s Alajärvi and Oborniki plants.


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