BALAJCZA - Summer Offer

It's summertime, take a break... from spending!

During the summer, everyone can get dreamy. You want to take a break from work, take a deep breath and feel the sea breeze or the mountain wind and... just relax.

Summertime is a moment to decompress, and that’s why at Balajcza we’d like to offer our regular and new clients a respite from all the costs they have to put up with constantly. If you're thinking about having any of your documents, presentations or videos translated, there’s no better time!

Starting from 1st July 2021 until the end of August, Balajcza will run a summer promotion on every translation. After placing an order, you’ll receive a discount voucher and have the pricing reduced. What's best, the discount increases along with the value of your order:

more than PLN 200 net
PLN 20
more than PLN 300 net
PLN 30
more than PLN 500 net
PLN 50
more than PLN 700 net
PLN 70
more than PLN 1000 net
PLN 100

The offer is valid only for two months. Ask for a quote and see how much you can gain.

Feel free to contact us:  
Telephone number: 22 643 47 94, 98; Mobile phone: +48 601 913 918

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