Increased discounts on sworn translations in Balajcza

Do you know that in Balajcza you can order sworn translations at great prices?

Especially now, when increased discounts are in effect:
25 pages and more – you will receive 5% instead of 2.5%
50 pages and more – you will receive a 10% discount instead of 5%;
75 pages and more – you will receive a 15% discount instead of 7.5%;
more than 100 pages – you will receive a 20% discount instead of 10%!
on combinations of Polish with languages from Group I:
In Balajcza you can conveniently order and receive the translation of official documents, stamped, certified and signed by a sworn translator. Printed and ready, such a translation gains the capacity of an official document.
What if you need to pick up a translation quickly? Or do you only need the electronic version? Our sworn translators also have an electronic qualified signature – and the translation bearing it is equivalent to the physical documents you would receive at our office / from a courier.
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+48 22 643 47 94
... and we will send you a current valuation.
Note: the promotion does not apply to customers bound by a permanent cooperation agreement with individual rates. It cannot be combined with other promotions.

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