Centrum Europy: Special offer for SPCC Members for translation services

Centrum Europy Translation Office implements both translation projects and individual orders concerning a few dozen languages from all over the world. We carry out written and oral translations as well as those certified by sworn translators.

We translate contracts, offers, marketing texts, publications, manuals and other texts. Our offer also provides a range of additional services connected with the entrusted material, proofreading by the native speaker, editing, correction, copywriting materials allocated for publication, text composing and paging, preparing graphics and other.

For 5 years we have been translating manuals for “Sharp’s” electronic devices, currently into almost all European languages (including all Scandinavian) as well as Arabic and Persian. We have also translated www.sharp.eu website into 12 languages.

Our offer also includes localization services for texts (promotional and advertising materials, software, web pages). Apart from that there is also a possibility of adjusting photographic material and illustrations, redesigning graphic elements, editing written texts in order to adapt them to a special group of consumers.

More information on our services can be found at our website: www.ce.edu.pl.

We have prepared a special offer for SPCC member companies: 50% discount for translation of first 10 pages from Polish into one of the Scandinavian languages. The offer is valid until April 30 and concerns one order per company.  Please, contact MaĹ‚gorzata Matuszak (m.matuszak@ce.edu.pl, 510 232 270, 22 629 77 83) for further details.



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