Special offer - Trendy Solutions Company

Trendy Solutions Company supports its customers among others in the area of personal abilities to perform certain professional activities.

Focused on managers and sales staff, and also in the process of coaching, training, recruitment, selection and screening the right people to appropriate tasks.

It is mainly to support managers in the area of soft management and raise awareness of the importance of adequate motivation and interpersonal communication at all levels of management, as well as improving the accuracy and efficiency of selection of potential employees, which in turn may have an obvious impact on the economic result of the company.

For all  members of  SPCC, Trendy Solutions offers  15% discount on all  consulting services.  In case of any further questions, please contact  Mr. Ted Karolak, 601-34 79 73, biuro@trendy-s.pl

For more information about Company, please visit www.trendy-s.pl


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