Rödl & Partner: “10 most important tax changes in 2019”


Rödl & Partner's experts have prepared a brochure describing the ten most important changes in tax laws. Those selected changes greatly affect enterprises, and failures to comply with the upcoming tax reality may bring sanctions and additional tax obligations on you.

This brochure presents in an accessible way changes which the lawmakers will or plan to introduce in 2019. It discusses, among other things, issues related to reporting tax avoidance solutions, tax reliefs for enterprises, changes in documenting and accounting for: transfer pricing, company car expenses, tax-deductible costs, withholding tax on dividends and royalties.

The publication describes also the key requirements to be met and the most important measures to take to adapt to the new regulations.

Download the brochure (in Polish) free of charge from the Rödl & Partner website: http://www.roedl.net/pl/pl/publikacje/broszury/broszura_10_najwazniejszych_zmian_w_podatkach_w_roku_2019.html

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