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Webinar: The office of the future: work from anywhere with Marro

14 January 2021, 11:00

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How will several months of remote work, to which employees in every corner of the globe have changed overnight, change offices?

At the online meeting, SPCC & Marro Nishtha Bali indicated that as many as 71% of employees expect that the employer will offer them flexibility as to the place of work, even after the pandemic ends.

44% of employees believe that one day of remote work a week is the optimal solution, 34% expect the possibility of performing their duties outside the office more than once a week.

We will probably work from different locations: home, office and any other "third place" that promotes efficiency and comfort.

What do we need an office for? For exchanging thoughts, brainstorming, teamwork and building relationships, meeting, looking for and finding inspiration. We encourage you to read the presentation on the offices of the future here.

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