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Scandinavian Days 2022 | Panel Discussion - Szczecin

11 May 2022, 10:00

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Once again, we participated in the Scandinavian Days in Szczecin. Carsten Nilsen, President of SPCC, was a guest on the opening panel of this two-day event. SPCC also organised the debate "Talents of the future". What challenges and needs in the HR area are most important for employers nowadays? How do they look from the perspective of the Scandinavian work culture?

What are the key taking aways of the discussion?

✔ there is something special about the organisational culture in Scandinavian companies; it is based on relationships between people
✔ a characteristic element is freedom of action in decision-making; we can talk about the "freedom under responsibility" way
✔a space for discussion and open, flattened communication
✔personality, resilience, digital competence and "servant leadership" approach  are skills worth developing

We want to thank the panel moderator Alexandra Kazimierski, Morgan Philips Group and the speakers, representing leading Nordic brands:

Daniel Wacinkiewicz, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin

Piotr Januszko, Country Lead, Unikie Poland

Wojciech Cieszynski, Delivery Manager, Tietoevry

Karolina Karas, Development & Training Manager, Business Partnering & Development Demant Szczecin

Joanna Tarraro, Regional HR Business Partner/Region NCE, Vestas

Arkadiusz Żurek, Country Business Development Manager, Antal Poland

The retransmission of the debate is available HERE

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