KPMG: Automotive Industry Report 2010 - current situation and analysis


In spite of weak sales results in other EU countries, polish automotive industry managed to keep its results on the same level as in 2008, what is considered as a great success. If EU governments give up subsidiaries for purchasing of new cars and changes in law concerning the automotive industry are not introduced, situation at the end of this year will be much worse.
The report presents the most crucial issues regarding the current state of polish automotive industry and situation of producers, importers and exporters of new cars in polish and european market. This publication also touches on other issues such as: analysis of current tax situation, new proposals concering changes in law, sales result of new cars in Poland and Europe. A lot of new conclusions about the condition of the whole industry can be deducted from this report. The publication is closed with forecast for the future development of the industry.
The polish automotive industry is the leader in special economic zones concering the size of investment, but the economic crisis caused difficulties for investors to accomplish their plans. One of the crucial needs is to make activities in such zones more flexible - says MirosĹ‚aw Michna, partner at KPMG.

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