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Finnish Trade Guild
SPCC National Section

The Finnish Trade Guild (FTG) was established in the early nineties as an informal organization integrating and supporting companies with Finnish share capital operating on the Polish market. Since March 2004 FTG has been an integrated National Section of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC).

The Vision of the Finnish Trade Guild
The Finnish Trade Guild aims at adding value to its members' operations in Poland, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, a Finnish business and cultural context and business edge to their SPCC membership.

The Mission of the Finnish Trade Guild
As a National Section of SPCC, the Finnish Trade Guild is a focal point for FTG member businesses operating in Poland, representing their views and interests, organizing cultural and networking events, liaising and cooperating with third parties and providing business support that adds value and complements SPCC membership benefits.

Board of the Finnish Trade Guild:

•    Esko Kilpinen (Valkea) Chairman, SPCC Board Member
•    Maria Onikki-Gorski (Leinonen), Vice Chairperson, SPCC Board Member
•    Jon Lenck (UPM Raflatac)SPCC Board Member

•    Tuomas Asunmaa (Spondeo),
•    Marcin Bruszewski (Fortum),
•    Markku Ekholm (Suomen Unipol)
•    Tomasz Konarski (YIT Poland)
•    Andrzej Pijanowski (Pagero)
•    Agnieszka DziÄ™gielewska-JoĹ„czyk (Nordea)

•    Antti Rahikka (Business Finland), Representative

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