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Finnish Trade Guild (FTG) is one of the four national sections of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). With over 360 member companies, headquarters in Warsaw and regional representation in Crakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Szczecin and the Tri-City area of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, SPCC is one of the largest bi-lateral Chambers of Commerce in Poland.

FTG's 72 members, including 67 member companies (31.12.2016) represent business sectors from finance and insurance to manufacturing, logistics and transport, accounting, telecommunications, building and construction, IT, legal services, wholesale and retail trade, power and fuel industry, chemical industry, paper and packaging and metal industry, to name a few.

By joining SPCC and the Finnish Trade Guild your company can take advantage of all the benefits that SPCC membership offers, including:

  • Additional access to market and business information;
  • Support with promoting legitimate business interests and contacts with decision makers;
  • Networking in form of SPCC business mixers, VIP meetings and other special events;
  • Professional development and information exchange in form of topical seminars and conferences;
  • Access to SPCC and FTG member data base;
  • Use of the SPCC office meeting room in Warsaw free of charge, pending availability;
  • Promotion of your business through the SPCC website and Newsletter, membership directory and different SPCC and FTG events;
  • Possibility to make business offers to other SPCC members;
  • Cooperation with other bi-lateral Chambers of Commerce in Poland and the Nordic and Baltic Embassies.
As a FTG member you can additionally network through and participate in popular Finnish Trade Guild events such as the annual Summer Picnic, Crayfish Party, Independence Day's Night -celebration and other FTG organized social, business and VIP meetings.
To learn more about Finnish Trade Guild and our past activities and events, please visit
12 month SPCC membership fee is 1 680 PLN (small companies), 3 360 PLN (medium sized companies) and 5 565 PLN (large companies). Rebates may apply based on company's location.
For more information on FTG and SPCC, our activities and membership benefits, please contact Esa Tuomi, Chairman, or any of the other FTG Board members.


Barona has been a member of FTG and SPCC since 2012. For us as a service company which mainly cooperates with Nordic clients it was obvious to become a part of the Finnish and Scandinavian business community in Poland. Various meetings and seminars arranged each year have provided us a great networking platform and opportunity to share business experiences.

Participation as a sponsor at FTG´s annual events such as the Finnish Independence Day Celebration and Summer Picnic has definitely been a good thing for Barona´s visibility among Finnish companies in Poland. While supporting and arranging business seminars together with SPCC we have been able to make our business idea public for the whole Nordic business community.” - Ilkka-Cristian Niemi; Business Development Manager, Barona HR Services Sp. Z o.o.


“Being a member of FTG gives a possibility to meet the Finnish business community in Poland. FTG organizes events where Finnish companies throughout Poland gather together to meet and exchange experiences.

Leinonen specializes in providing services for Finnish and Scandinavian companies. By being a member of FTG/SPCC we want to strengthen this image for both our current and potential new clients. Membership in FTG also brings us valuable benefits, such as up to date market information and free of charge basic legal advice.

As a member we have possibility to partner in various events and thereby advertise our company and services to more than 340 SPCC member companies.” - Harri Reiman; Managing Director, Leinonen Poland


“Main benefits of FTG/SPCC membership for Fortum are:

•    networking opportunities,
•    sharing business experiences, learning from others’ successes and failures,
•    strengthening the Finnish business community in Poland which provides Fortum with various business opportunities,
•    visibility when supporting directly specific FTG/SPCC activities and events like the Finnish Independence Day Celebration.”
  - Mikael Lemström; Vice President, Heat Poland Fortum


“Main benefits for OpusCapita from being a FTG/SPCC member have been:

•    OpusCapita is strongly branded as Finnish company in Polish markets and membership supports this as well as brings visibility to our brand,
•    Sharing experiences, meeting and networking not only with potential customers but also with other companies with Shared Services/BPO in Poland,
•    Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Trade Guild events are a venue for us to meet our current customers from Scandinavian countries.”
- Jarosław Tkaczyk; Managing Director, OpusCapita Sp. z o.o.


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