March 2018
 22 March 18:00 WarszawaSPCC Annual General Assembly
 22 March 19:00 WarszawaBusiness Mixer after the SPCC Annual General Assembly
 20 March 09:30 GdańskSPCC Economic Outlook with Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas in Gdansk
 15 March 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Influencer with Marcin Popkiewicz
 8 March 14:00 WrocławSPCC Academy in Wrocław: Building engagement in the organisations
 7 March 15:00 WarszawaSPCC Businesswomen Network
 6 March 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Tax and Legal Morning Meeting with Peter Nielsen & Partners: Sunday Trade Ban Act – legal aspects
 6 March 12:30 SopotSPCC Businesswomen Network Workshop: Developing New Skills
 1 March 13:00 KrakówScandinavian workplace: Ericsson visit
     February 2018
 28 February 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Academy - Managing generations XYZ
 28 February 09:30 KielceSPCC Recommends: NORWEGIAN-POLISH DAY - Innovative Technology and Financial Instruments for Circular Economy
 28 February 09:45 WrocławSPCC Recommends: seminar "Sustainable urban transport: the Swedish perspective"
 27 February 09:00 PoznańSPCC Recommends: "Dobra Energia" conference
 22 February 09:00 WarszawaSPCC CEO Meeting with Artur Tomaszewski
 21 February 09:00 SopotInternational CEO's Meeting
 Last Wednesday in beautiful surroundings of nature in Sopot we had an opportunity to listen about the latest trends in world and European economy and how it translates into the condition of Polish economy. 
 21 February 18:00 WarszawaAGM of the SPCC Finnish Section (FTG)
 15 February 17:30 SzczecinAfterwork with SPCC - member companies meeting
 14 February 17:00 WarszawaSPCC Recommends: Polish-Norwegian Tech Bridge
 8 February 12:00 WarszawaAGM of the SPCC Norwegian Section (NBF)
 8 February 18:00 WarszawaAGM of the SPCC Swedish Section (SBC)
 1 February 18:00 WarszawaSPCC Kick-Off Business Mixer
     January 2018
 31 January 09:30 WarszawaSPCC recommends: New anti-corruption laws in Poland - risks and duties to be faced by businesses from 2018
 30 January 09:30 SzczecinSPCC Legal Morning Meeting with RSM Poland - The main changes in Taxes for Entrepreneurs in 2018
 30 January 17:00 WarszawaNew Year's Cocktail with the Danish Embassy
 On 30th January, a New Year's Cocktail took place at the residence of the Ambassador of Denmark Ole Egberg Mikkelsen. The event was organised jointly by the Danish Section of SPCC and the Danish Embassy in Warsaw.
 25 January 09:00 GdyniaSPCC recommends: The BSS Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala
 11 January 16:00 WarszawaAnnual General Meeting of the Danish Section
Oslo, Copenhagen, 2-02-2018
Polish New Music Orchestra has in many years cooperated with an outstanding Danish cellist Jakob Kullberg. This year the musicians will perform in the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, in Birkerød and at Klang Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival.
Aarhus, 1-02-2018
Exhibition LOOK! POLISH PICTUREBOOK! will be presented in Denmark in February, in the Dokk1 library – learning, cultural and social center of Aarhus, as well as the biggest public library in Scandinavia, open in 2015.


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