July 2020
 6 July 09:00 online SPCC Webinar: 4 months of pandemics in Lower Silesia and Wroclaw. Economic and social situation in the region with representatives of Wrocław city
 2 July 09:00 onlineSPCC Patronage: 8th edition of National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK 2020
 2 July 14:00 onlineSPCC & Penteris Webinar: Restructuring your Business during Covid-19: in-court vs out-of-court
     June 2020
 30 June 10:00 onlineSPCC & Aviva Investors Webinar: Employee Capital Plans - ECP and changes in connection with the Anti-crisis shield
 25 June 11:00 onlineCancelled: SPCC & Credstep Webinar: The company's financial liquidity during the recession. How will factoring help your business survive the most difficult period?
 24 June 10:00 onlineSPCC & Danske Bank Webinar: Reopening, recovery and risks: The outlook for the global and Polish economy in a new COVID-19 world
 24 June 14:00 onlineCancelled: SPCC & BSJP Webinar: Rules Regarding Collective Redundancies
 23 June 13:00 onlineSPCC & Unum Życie TUiR Webinar: The needs of employees in the new reality
 18 June 11:00 onlineSPCC & Kinnarps Webinar: Early predictions on workplace environment after return from home office - Presentation by Kinnarps & Online panel discussion with Nordic companies
 17 June 10:00 onlineSPCC & Arthur Hunt Webinar: Stress and effective leadership in the COVID-19 crisis. How to build openness and commitment?
 16 June 10:00 onlineSPCC Academy with Sandler Traning
 16 June 16:00 Warsaw/OnlineFTG Annual General Meeting
 10 June 11:00 onlineSPCC & PNP Webinar: Covid-19 Special Act of June 4, 2020 (anti-crisis shield 4.0)
 9 June 10:00 onlineSPCC & Cresa Polska Webinar: COVID-19 Impact on Logistics & Supply Chain Industry. Challenges, Trends & Perspectives of the market - online panel discussion.
 9 June 14:00 onlineSPCC & Kerel: Hunger for needs - what is the threat? How to meet three psychological needs of a human at work
 8 June 14:00 onlineSPCC & CitySpace Webinar: The new era of the office market. How flex office can reduce your risks
 4 June 10:00 onlineSPCC & Dale Carnegie Poland Webinar: Tipping the balance to support a resilient workforce during the covid-19 crisis and beyond
 3 June 14:00 onlineSPCC & KPMG Webinar: Pandemic as a force majeure – agreements with contractors and employees
 2 June 11:00 onlineSPCC & MobileMed Webinar: Legal Doping – how entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley manage their energy and increase productivity
 2 June 16:00 onlineAGM of the Swedish Section
     May 2020
 29 May 10:00 onlineCancelled: SPCC & Arthur Hunt Consulting Polska Webinar: Transformation/Interim Management in COVID -19 World
 27 May 11:00 onlineSPCC Recommends: Companies operating "remotely" with DZP
 25 May 14:00 onlineSPCC Webinar: Economy in crisis. The condition of selected industry sectors in the analysis of DNB Bank Polska
 21 May 10:00 onlineSPCC & Monitor ERP System Webinar: How to efficiently manage production remotely during the time of pandemic
 19 May 10:00 onlineSPCC Recommends: Deloitte Webcats: Shaping the future through digital business
 18 May 10:00 onlineSPCC CEOs & Leaders Talks: Navigating through new economic reality with Special Guest: Mr. Marcin Petrykowski
 13 May 14:00 onlineSPCC & Magna Talenta: Leadership & communication during times of change
 12 May 12:00 onlineSPCC & Morgan Philips Executive Search Webinar: Agility - how agility is important and how to develop employee agility development and enlargement
 11 May 12:15 onlineSPCC Recommends: Rödl & Partner Webinars
 7 May 11:00 onlineSPCC Webinar: Digital doomsday in 3.. 2.. 1.. Not! New reality and new challenges for marketers. Webinar by Avaus Poland
 6 May 11:00 onlineSPCC & Wojciech Herra Webinar: If the devil can't make you bad he'll make you busy. Priority Management


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