May 2019
 22 May 09:00 WrocławConference: Poland in the eyes of foreign investors
 22 May 10:00 GdańskSPCC partners The BSS Tour Gdańsk: Nordic Business Talks
 21 May 18:00 KrakówSpring Business Mixer with BPCC
 17 May 17:00 WarszawaNational Day of Norway
 15 May 10:00 SzczecinScandinavian Days in Szczecin: Scandinavian Business Connect
 15 May 12:30 SzczecinSPCC NORDIC INSIGHTS panel during the Scandinavian Days in Szczecin
 10 May 16:15 WarszawaFTG Afterwork - Ice Hockey FIN-CAN
 8 May 09:30 GdańskSPCC Recommends: Institutional Partner of Infoshare 2019
 8 May 12:00 ŁódźBusiness Lunch for Scandinavian Companies
 7 May 08:30 WarszawaScandinavian-Polish Energy Debate
 The COP24 event highlighted the importance and urgency of discussions regarding energy and climate. Those topics are crucial for further development of Polish as well as Scandinavian markets. Therefore, during the Scandinavian-Polish Energy Debate organized by SPCC was tackled the topics regarding Baltic Pipe and renewable energy sources.
     April 2019
 25 April 08:00 SzczecinSPCC Recommends: e-nsp!ration Day 2019, E-commerce/logistics conference
 24 April 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Academy
 17 April 10:00 KrakówSPCC Academy
 16 April 09:00 ŁódźSPCC Patronage: PLGBC Conference: Earth Day with Green Building
 16 April 09:00 WarszawaLegal Morning Meeting with Rödl & Partner
 11 April 08:30 SzczecinCancelled / SPCC HR executives meeting - working group
 10 April 08:30 WarszawaEconomic Breakfast on Employee Capital Plan with PKO TFI
 10 April 14:00 WrocławSPCC Academy
 10 April 18:00 WarszawaNorwegian and Swedish Sections Afterwork
 9 April 16:30 GdańskSPCC DIGITAL seminar with Avaus Marketing Innovations, Finestmedia & Hempel
 Thank you everybody for participating in our recently meeting in Gdańsk, Digital Seminar with Avaus Poland, Finestmedia and Hempel. It was a great pleasure to learn about new digital solutions and how they can improve our everyday business operations.
 8 April 09:00 GdańskSPCC Patronate: 7th edition of the National Energy Summit OSE Gdańsk 2019
 4 April 17:15 Poznań-JasinSpeed Business Meeting of Wielkopolska
 On behalf of the SPCC, BBC, BPCC, CCFP, NPCC, PCCC, PSCC and WPIP organizers, we thank everyone for participating in the Wielkopolska Speed Business Meeting. During the meeting we had a presentation of W.P.I.P. and also panel disscussion on „Megatrends in the market environment”. 
     March 2019
 28 March 09:00 WrocławTrends on labor market, changes in the law and their impact on business
 27 March 13:30 GliwiceSPCC Recommends: The warhouse and production market in the coming 2 to 5 years
 22 March 09:30 SopotSPCC International CEO's Meeting in Sopot
 20 March 18:00 WarszawaSPCC Annual General Assembly
 The Annual General Assembly of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce was held on the 20th of March 2019 in Warsaw. At the meeting Carsten Nilsen- SPCC's Chairman summed up activities performed by the Chamber in 2018 and the board presented the bugdet and plan of SPCC's activites for 2019, which were approved by the General Assembly.
 20 March 19:00 WarszawaBusiness Mixer po Walnym Zgromadzeniu Izby
 14 March 11:00 KrakówBusiness Lunch for Scandinavian Companies
 7 March 14:00 SzczecinSPCC Academy: Scandinavian Model of Team working & Leadership
 7 March 14:00 WarszawaSPCC Businesswomen Network
 The first meeting of the SPCC Businesswomen Network took already place this year. The event was organized in cooperation with Ericsson. The special guests were be Brigitta Finnander, Head of Ericsson R&D Centre in Poland and Katarzyna Pak, Head of Marketing and Communication Ericsson. Thank you to all the Ladies for participation and activity during the meeting. 
 5 March 09:00 WarszawaSPCC Influencer
 SPCC Influencer is a cycle with experts influencing market and setting new trends. The first meeting of this year will be joined by Wojciech Herra - Motivational Speaker, Sales & Leadership Consultant. Thank you to the Partner of the meeting - Marro.
 5 March 15:00 GdyniaPower of Social Media Seminar: Linkedin
Warsaw, 25-04-2019
Embassy of Sweden invites you to a meeting about the unusual and somewhat forgotten history of the “ladies from the Swedish tower”, or telephonists, who were employed in Warsaw by Ericsson at the beginning of the 20th century.
Gdańsk, 7-04-2019
Nordic Talking is an event dedicated to fans of Nordic culture, fascinated by the Scandinavian lifestyle who share their passion with others through social media. Our aim is to connect influencers, i.e. enthusiasts who run fanpages on Facebook, accounts on Instagram and Twitter, blogs and video blogs.
, 8-03-2019
Future Living is an international exhibition developed as part of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017. Warsaw is the first stop on its international tour.


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