Skanska Property Poland: Starts works on another green project in Wrocław


Skanska Property Poland, developer of green office buildings linked to Wrocław by several investments, is starting works on another project, which will be located in one of the most prestigious spots in Wrocław – right next to Dominikański Square. 

Skanska S.A., which cooperates closely with the Medusa Group architectural studio, is responsible for the overall design. Previously Medusa worked with the developer on the Łódź Green Horizon project. It is estimated that the design stage will take about 12 months.

„Like all Skanska’s investments, the building will be created according to the principles of sustainable development and will be LEED certified at one of the highest levels. Thanks to innovative and energy efficient solutions, we want to offer office space of the highest quality to companies from Wrocław, which like in the Green Towers complex, will provide excellent working conditions and savings due to lower operational costs,” said Marcin Łapiński, Regional Director at Skanska Property Poland. “We know that investments in the area of the Dominikański Square are of high relevance to residents of Wrocław, therefore, we will do our best to make the building fit in well with the surroundings. We are pleased with the successful cooperation with Wrocław City Hall and we are sure that, as a result, we will create a project that will be appreciated by residents of the city and will become a business landmark in the centre of Wrocław,” added Marcin Łapiński. 

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