Nordics among best countries in new innovation index 14-12-2016

Sweden is the best, Finland is third, Denmark is fourth and Norway is the seventh best country in the world for businesses to thrive, scoring particularly highly on the creativity & innovation and freedom dimensions.

In the new economic era, the main source of a nation’s wealth is the social infrastructure that allows every citizen to realise his or her intellectual and creative potential.

Consequently, the Indigo Index, published by the journal Global Perspectives, seeks to look beyond the headline figure of GDP to measure a country’s entrepreneurial eco-system, and therefore its potential to adapt and develop.

The Index is based on five metrics that are measures of the development of a country’s infrastructure for doing business: creativity and innovation, economic diversity, digital economy, freedom, and stability and legal frameworks.

Top 10 most innovative countries:

1.    Sweden

2.    Switzerland

3.    Finland 

4.    Denmark

5.    United Kingdom

6.    Netherlands

7.    Norway

8.    Germany

9.    Ireland
10.   Japan 




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