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The SPCC Magazine no 3.2021 is already here!


In this issue, you will find the SPCC interview with Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of Łódź.


The theme of green transformation and sustainable development of cities are present not only in the interview with Ms. Zdanowska but in the summary of the 3rd conference On the GREEN WAY "Green (R)evolution in the Cities as well.


Moreover, in this issue, you will find an overview of the latest SPCC events that after a long break, returned to offline and announcements for the coming weeks.


Do not miss articles by the issue's partners - Legal Kraft and Deloitte - on the most current economic and legal issues:

•    System of extended producer responsibility is approaching

•    What will the Polish Deal change in the personal taxes of people coming to work in Poland?

•    “590 interpretation” – a new tool designed to enhance investment-environment in Poland


SPCC Magazine is a bilingual, quarterly publication in online format dedicated to Scandinavian-Polish business community. Find out more about SPCC activities, SPCC Members and current issues important for all of us.


The SPCC Magazine is distributed to a wide group of readers interested in Scandinavian-Polish market: SPCC Members, other Scandinavian companies operating in Poland as well as business, governmental institutions and media. The Magazine offers a unique opportunity for companies wishing to promote their business and expertise among the key stakeholders representing Scandinavian-Polish business community.


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