Photo competition


Scandinavian Inspirations

This year we are sharing with you winner photos that remind our participants of something very special inspired by Nordic culture, design, lifestyle. 

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Nordic Architecture & Design

We all know that Scandinavia is famous for its beautiful nature, but there is another side of the Nordics which have gained a lot of popularity and recognition. Nordic architecture is simple, full of light and natural. Nordic design is famous all over the world.  What is more, Nordic interiors have stolen our hearts.
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Scandinavia - into the wild

The topic of this year Photo Competition is widely connected with two Scandinavian phenomena: Allemansrätten & Friluftsliv. Allemansrätten, Allemannsretten or Jokamiehenoikeus in Finnish is a very old law in Scandinavia which gives you the right to roam freely - walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp – in the Scandinavian countryside. Such right has survived in the Nordics in the purest form, whereas in other countries land was gradually enclosed for private use and enjoyment. Passion for nature is also reflected in Friluftsliv – which translates into open air living. To see results - click the picture below.

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Postcards from Scandinavia

In our memories summer holidays - but of course not only - are recalled by postcards, which we use to send to our family and friends with greetings. Therefore in the age of continous communication, we decided to bring postcards to life in our photo competition, so pictures from the photo competition in 2017 are a one of its kind postcards from Scandinavia.

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Scandinavian lifestyle

In 2016 we decided to make the pictures that show different elements of the Scandinavian lifestyle the theme of the competition. Close contact with nature, active leisure time and simplicity, bright and clear style in everyday design are one of many motives that were presented on the pictures. Have a look at the winners below.


Most inspiring images of Scandinavia

For the 2015 edition of the photo competition we were looking for interpretations of the most inspiring and memorable images from Scandinavia. Scandinavian countries have a lot to offer to visitors – vibrant big cities and quiet little seaside towns, amazing landscapes and nature with friendly and outdoorsy people.


A taste of Scandinavia – Nordic culinary inspirations

For the competition and SPCC Calendar for 2015 we were looking for pictures that would show us the heart of Scandinavian cuisine – typical Nordic dishes, culinary celebrations and traditions or any other inspirations connected with Nordic cuisine.


12 reasons to visit the Nordic countries

The winning pictures from the 4th edition of the Photo Competition try to capture the best and the most unique feeling of Scandinavia – great landscapes and places as well as traditions and experiences which can be found only in the North.


Northern landscapes

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Scandinavia – beautiful landscapes and Scandinavian nature was the topic of the third edition of SPCC Photo Competition. Among winning pictures – beautiful Norwegian fiords, Icelandic sideways, Danish beaches and Finnish lakes.


Nordic cities

Big and small, combining history and innovation, business life and nature, destinations of business and summer trips… Scandinavian cities have an unique atmosphere and this is shown in our winning pictures from the second edition of our Photo Competition.


Four seasons

Photo competition prepared for employees of SPCC Member companies with a  possibility to win attractive prizes. Main theme of the competition was focused on pictures from Scandinavia and Poland.

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