SEB AB S.A. (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB S.A.) - Oddział w Polsce - SPCC’s Patron

1.    What brought your company/organization to Poland? 
We have always worked hard to earn our customers trust. Some customers have been with us for generations others have just joined us. They all want to plan for the future and grow in new markets.  We wish to help them to fulfill those plans also in Poland.  

2.    Scandinavian values in your company – how they are perceived and implemented?
The core values of SEB are: Commitment, Mutual Respect, Professionalism and Continuity. We are all dedicated to that everything we do creates stronger customer relations. We are open and always strive to earn the trust of others as well as from each other. We make it easy for people to do business with us by sharing our knowledge and being accountable for our actions. We learn, challenge and take action based on our long experience.

3.    How do you see the future of your business/industry in Poland?
Poland still has a very dynamic economy, which grew solidly throughout the financial crisis. In the period from 2008 our Scandinavian clients increased their Polish business activities 5% faster per year than the Swedish GDP growth. The Solid presence of Scandinavian companies in Poland is also reflected in the direct investments of 9% of the total FDIs in Poland, which we recognize as a great achievement. Due to the positive business climate supported by a large pool of young, well educated people and the prime location in the center of Europe, we believe Poland will continue to be an attractive destination for our Nordic clients. 

4.    What your organization gains from being the SPCC member?
We are pleased to be a member of the Scandinavian business society. This gives us the opportunity to be visible to potential cooperation partners. Taking part in the events organized by SPCC is an enjoyable way of strengthening existing relations as well as building new business connections. 

Mikael Overgaard 
General Manager

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