ARPI Accounting - SPCC’s Patron

1.    What brought your company/organization to Poland?  
In Nordic countries Poland is perceived as a country with a stable political system, competitive and dynamically growing economy. We decided to start business in Poland because it is situated geographically near Norway, it has a relatively large market, there are lower employment costs and a high level of education. Such conditions provided an excellent opportunity for developing business.

2.    Scandinavian values in your company – how they are perceived and implemented?
In Norway a huge emphasis is put on social equity and justice. The economy is based on collective interests. That is why our values are primarily fair competition, transparency and a high level of business ethics. An important value in our company is also interpersonal relations and simply people, which translates into a flat organizational structure (low hierarchism). We use the open door policy - employees can rely on each other. This also applies to management.

3.    How do you see the future of your business/industry in Poland?
Poland has a rapidly growing economy that survived the crisis and probably will handle many more difficulties. This confirms our belief that Poland is a good place for doing business and we look optimistically into the future. Especially that outsourcing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Polish economy, and according to many forecasts, this trend will continue in the future. We are currently expanding our offer by introducing a new service - IT solutions. This will enable our clients to entrust additional processes of their company in the hands of experts.

4.    What your organization gains from being the SPCC member?

Membership to the SPCC is a huge support for ARPI Group's operations in Poland. It is not only promotion of the company and its offer through the Chamber's website and events. It is also networking that has helped us establish many valuable business contacts. Thanks to various seminars organized by the Chamber, we have a high level of knowledge about the Polish market and the way it functions. If you would like to be close to the Scandinavian network and gain business knowledge about Poland, we recommend joining the SPCC.

Jan Prejsnar

ARPI Accounting delivers professional accounting and management reporting available online as well as comprehensive payroll processing and HR advisory. Flexibility and the selection of the most effective methods of operation is a guarantee of maintaining the highest quality of services. Many companies have bestowed upon ARPI their reliance already, entrusting ARPI with the financial aspects of their businesses. ARPI Accounting is member of the Norwegian Section of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce - SPCC. 

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