Vastint Poland Sp. z o.o. - SPCC’s Patron

Vastint Poland is part of the Vastint Group, an international real estate organization with over 30 years of experience. The cornerstones of our operations are the management of portfolio properties and the development of office, residential, and hotel properties throughout Poland. All our projects offer their users comfort and environmentally friendly solutions. More information:

1. What brought you company/organization to Poland? 

Vastint Group started out with acquisitions of existing real estate portfolios and over time it has evolved into an experienced developer, operating in various countries across Europe. As Poland is the largest market in Central and Eastern Europe, this has created opportunities for business expansion and successful long-term investments.

2. Scandinavian values in your company - how they are perceived and implemented?

Vastint was founded in 1989, but our roots go back to 1943 in Småland, where the history of IKEA began. While our activities have no connection to the business of this famous brand, we share a common heritage and values that reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of the late Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA.
In the practical business world of today, humbleness in approaching our tasks and simplicity in our way of doing things are cornerstones of our culture. Our values encourage a cost-conscious mind-set in all areas of operations as well as care for people and the planet. We dare to be different and as a team, together (“tillsammans” in Swedish), we pursue a long-term sustainable growth strategy for the company.

3. How do you see the future of your business/industry in Poland?

Vastint Poland plans to strengthen its position and grow further within the commercial and residential real estate sectors. Although the Polish real estate market is more mature and competitive today, and often entails significant financial risk, Poland still remains one of the most attractive markets for us.

4. What your organization gains from being the SPCC member?

The partnership with SPCC places us among the Scandinavian companies that are successful on the Polish market and provides us the opportunity to gain business contacts.

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