Danske Bank A/S S.A. Oddział w Polsce - SPCC’s Patron

1. What brought your company/organization to Poland?  
Danske Bank set up a representative office in Warsaw in 1998. After bridging into local markets close to home, Poland was the next country, which was interesting for our Scandinavian customers. We had a great opportunity being the banking partner, who understood them, at the same time providing know-how on the local Polish banking market. Alongside other banks, we participated in restructuring the Polish banking sector. After Poland’s accession to the EU, we became a branch rather than a subsidiary, which has eased doing business in Poland.

2. Scandinavian values in your company – how they are perceived and implemented?
Walking around the bank, you actually notice the things that have a Scandinavian touch. Another thing is how employees interact with the management and our customers. If they are addressing me “Mr. Thing” I say „you can call me Carsten”. Also, our management style is more Scandinavian influenced, with an open door policy, involvement, transparency and management interacting with all employees as they are all important for our customers and our bank.

3. How do you see the future of your business/industry in Poland?
Positive. Poland still offers good investment opportunities for Scandinavian investors, however currently the banking sector is still dealing with a tail of events stemming from the financial crisis. What you see right now and the coming few years is a healthy consolidation in the Polish banking market. Probably, the industry will move more in direction of even more specialization. We, for example, are focused on being a full service and competitive bank for our existing and potential Nordic related corporate customers.

4. What your organization gains from being the SPCC member?

First of all we have gained a lot of insight over the years into what is on top of the agenda in companies investing in Poland. This puts us in a position to better assist our customers. SPCC is a good and well organized place to meet, both with our Nordic colleagues to exchange views and opinions as well as a number of our existing and potential customers and other stakeholders. We are a very satisfied SPCC Patron.

Carsten Brøchner Thing
General Manager

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