7N Sp. z o.o. - SPCC’s Patron

1.    What made the company decide to start operating in Poland?

The decision on business operation in Poland was made in 2005. The IT market was dynamically growing back then already, and our country was becoming an important player in terms of developers’ work quality. In Copenhagen, where 7N's headquarters are located, development potential has been recognized with the support of experts from our country. At the same time, it was clear that the company's philosophy is that we work only with experienced consultants, so we started looking for such consultants in Poland.

2.    Scandinavian values in your company – how are they perceived and implemented?

Scandinavian values we believe in in our company are as follows: servant mindset, respect and professionalism. In 7N we help not only our customers and consultants, but also each other. We respect each other and we always try to understand other person’s point of view. At the same time we are committed to professional development so we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with others.
Our values are an important element of building internal organization culture and relations with business partners that our customers and consultants are, but also with the employees who perceive the company as a friendly workplace. As a company we try to ensure that the values permeate our activities, projects and current cooperation. We keep looking for ideas to engage everyone in strengthening maturity of 7N culture together.

3.    How do you see the future, not only of your company, but also of the industry in which you operate, on the Polish market?

Poland is growing as one of the leaders in the region in the area of investments in the modern business services sector. Companies, responding to very dynamic changes in IT demand, are resigning from classic ownership models replacing them with usage ones. Efficient IT is a minimum requirement. Efficient and dynamic use of opportunities created by IT is a competitive advantage. With cloud solutions, for example, a company can almost instantly scale access to infrastructure, resources and even functionality of the applications used. This is the future of modern IT. In 7N we plan the organization development in a way that allows us not only to be up to date with new trends, but to participate in their creation, especially that we work with the best experts in their domains.

4.    What are the benefits of SPCC membership for the company?

We appreciate contacts established through our membership in Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, which for us is a very valuable platform for sharing experiences with other members. Being a partner of an organization associating the Scandinavian business community, we have the opportunity to participate in numerous events and meetings. It is then that we have the chance to be inspired by how other companies develop their business in a way that is consistent with the Scandinavian model but also taking into account the conditions of our Polish market.

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