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The authors of our blog DZP dla Ĺ›rodowiska  ( have published a commentary on the Act on Keeping Municipalities Clean and Tidy ("AKMCT”).


Even though the impatiently anticipated changes to the Labour Code, supposed to limit its notorious rigidity, may not be adopted soon, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies proposes another remedy for the difficulties on the Labour market.


There have been published the Commentaries on the Gambling Act whose authors are legal advisers and partners of Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office.


On 12th February 2013 the Council of Ministers has adopted the draft of the act on amendment of the act – Public Procurement Law (ppl).


In connection with commencement of a new calendar year, it should be remembered that members of management boards in capital companies (limited liability companies [sp. z o.o.] and joint stock companies are obliged to submit to the court register, i.a. financial statements within the relevant deadline.


The most important information for taxpayers.


On 16 November 2012, Sejm adopted the Act on the reduction of certain administrative burdens in the economy, prepared at the Ministry of the Economy.  The Act, signed by the President on 30 November 2012, shall enter into force on 1 January 2013.


The draft of the Act amending the Act on Polish Corporate Income Tax law involves inter alia changes in provisions for so-called "thin capitalization" of the companies.


We already know the substance of the changes to income tax proposed by the Minister of Finance - more information on the topic in the Tax Alert prepared by Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka.


On February 21, 2012 the government adopted the draft legislation changing the Act on Foreigners.


In the case C 134/11 Jürgen Blödel-Pawlik against HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) passed on February 16, 2012 a judgment in which it interpreted Article 7 of the Council Directive 90/314/EWG of June 13, 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours.


When settling the tax for 2011, same as in the previous years, it will be possible to assign 1% of the tax for public benefit organization.


Changes starting from 01.01.2012


From 1 January 2012 overdue holiday should be used by employees until 30 September of the subsequent year (so far, overdue holiday should have been taken until 31 March).


On 1 March 2011 an article was published concerning the planned amendment to the Code of Commercial Companies. The amendment provided for a possibility of establishing a limited liability company via Internet in 24 hours. 


On 21 July 2011, the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw (“Court”) issued a favourable judgment with respect to tax deductibility of costs of contractual penalties (ref. III SA/Wa 2735/10).


Draft amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure, including withdrawing of a special procedure in business cases and submission of disputes between entrepreneurs to the general rules of civil procedure, was presented to the Sejm on 15 June 2011.


The European Commission asks Poland to end fiscal discrimination against foreign investment and pension funds.


On 16 June 2011 the Court of Justice of the European Union ('CJEU') issued a verdict stating that the reintroduction of Poland's tax on civil law transactions imposed on loans granted to companies by their shareholders for the years 2007 and 2008 was contrary to Community law.


On 27 April 2011, the Supreme Administrative Court (“SAC”) issued a resolution favourable for a taxpayer having great importance to all employees participating in Employee Equity Plans (“EEP”) (ref. II FSK 1410/10). On 7 June 2011 a written justification of the resolution was published.

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