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Anaerobic digestion of food waste could double Sweden’s biogas production and reduce environmental damage by cutting methane emissions from landfill suggests a government strategy.


Responsible Business Forum kindly invites for the announcement of the report "Responsible Business in Poland 2010. Good practices". The event will take place on 31st of March 2011.


From 2nd till 4th of March a Swedish delegation was visiting Poland in connection with a state visit of Their Majesties King Carol XVI Gustav and Queen Sylvia, which is scheduled for 4-6th of May.


On March 15th will be held in Warsaw Skandynawigacje 2011, a conference organized for transportation companies interested in road transport to and from the Nordic countries.


Debate organized by the Responsible Business Forum will be held on 3rd of March 2011, participation is free of charge.

Warszawa, 21-02-2011

We wish to invite you to participate in the one of a kind competition on the Polish market, the Polish National Sales Awards 2010.


The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency invites you to the presentation of the survey’s results on February 16th, 2011 at 10.00.


H&M will debut a range of environmentally friendly fashion this spring, the retailer has announced.


According to the report Sweden has weathered the recent global financial and economic crisis well thanks to strong economic institutions and fundamentals, not least a sound fiscal position. OECD Secretary General, Mr Ángel Gurría, said that Swedish economy is "as strong as Pippi Longstocking".


The internationally recognised luxury yachts producer from Denmark will manufacture laminate yacht components in Poland.


Danish company Weiss is going to build a plant producing equipment and combustion systems for industrial and municipal boilers.


Investor chose Tri-city due to access to highly-qualified and experienced managers and proximity to its HQ as well as a direct flight connection to Scandinavia.


PAIiIZ rewarded three investors who executed the largest projects in three categories: the biggest investment, investment which created the highest number of jobs and the most important investment in the field of new technologies.


Responsible Business Forum invites all companies implementing activities in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to submit their initiatives for the ninth edition of “Responsible Business in Poland” Report.

Warsaw, 9-12-2010

The Seminar will take place in PAIiIZ Information Centre, Bagatela 12 St., on 9th of December.


Nordic Statistical Yearbook 2010 is published for the 48th time. It is a reference book containing comprehensive and easily accessible statistics of various aspects of social life in the five Nordic countries.

Gdańsk, 4-11-2010

Polish Investforum is the first cycle of conferences in Poland presenting investment opportunities in our country to foreign entities and introducing participants to possibilities and perspectives of the Polish economy development in the years to come.


The Executive Board of the Riksbank has decided to raise the repo rate by 0.25 of a percentage point to 1.0 per cent.


Northern Shipyard from Gdańsk signed an agreement to build four modern ferries for a Norwegian ferry company, Torghatten Nord AS, located in Tromsø.


Another seminar from the cycle "Prospects in Poland" will take place in Sopot, on 26th of October. SPCC is a patron of the event.

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